At Haverhill Business Park Carisbrooke Suon take their many environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Prior to any development commencing in Phase 1 extensive independent archaeological investigations were undertaken by Suffolk County Council Archaeological Services Department, with funding from the developers, to ensure the proposed development would not destroy anything of significant heritage value.

As one of their first acts the developers proposed and implemented a programme of extensive planting alongside the main road frontages of the Business Park. Braintree District Council, joint planning authority for the park, are so pleased with the results that they have subsequently placed a Woodland Tree Preservation Order over the area to protect its future.

With the other planning authority for the Park, St Edmundsbury District Council, Carisbrooke Suon have subsequently agreed to establish a wildlife refuge to the northeast boundary of the scheme and, once initial investigations had established the existence of colonies of slowworms, a protected species, on the site proposed for the new Culina Logistics warehouse then, prior to any works starting, a strategy for their relocation from the entire eastern half of the site was discussed and agreed with St Edmundsbury and implemented over a total of 17 weeks.

More recently attention has been given to environmental and efficiency issues arising from the occupation of buildings on the site - particularly drawing up a car sharing initiative to encourage more efficient travel to and from the Park and operated via the website links below.


The landscaping of Haverhill Business Park commenced in January 2004 with the planting of an avenue of 50 semi-mature English oak trees along Bumpstead Road, the planting of a further 76 semi-mature hornbeam trees along Phoenix Road (on the Essex side of the Business Park) and the establishment of some�3,200 linear metres of hawthorn and field maple hedgerows. This planting created the initial "backbone" of the Park, and was quickly followed with the planting of a 5.7 acre block of native woodland along the Haverhill by-pass in November 2004.

Since these initial phases of work, planting within the Percy Dalton site, within Terence Barker, the Days Inn Hotel, the Haver Arms public house and more recently the Buildbase site, Stagecoach and HID Global has seen much of the Essex side of the Park completed.

The next phases of work (to be undertaken this November) will see the Culina Logistics site planted and the establishment of a further avenue of hornbeam trees with associated hedgerows along Iceni Way on the Suffolk side of the Park.

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Car Sharing

Simply owning a car is expensive - about �3000 a year. By sharing journeys you'll cut down your mileage and with it your running costs and depreciation.

Even the cleanest cars produce a cocktail of pollutants, such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. These make the air damaging to our health and contribute to global warming.

Sharing your journey really can make travelling easier, not only on the roads, but finding that parking space at the end of your trip.

  • Share your car, bicycle and taxi journeys
  • Save �100s every year in travelling costs
  • Reduce pollution and traffic in the area
  • For all employees of Haverhill Business Park

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Reptile Translocation

James Blake Associates was commissioned by Carisbrooke Suon Developments Ltd Partnership to undertake a translocation of a small population of slow-worms and a small population of common lizards within the 13ha site adjacent to Haverhill Industrial Estate.

Archaeological Report

A trial trench evaluation was carried out at the above site in advance of commercial development. Fifty-two trenches (total area 5929m2) were excavated, covering just over 4% of the site.

Excavation Report

The western portion of the Haverhill Business Park was excavated by the Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service Field Team between 06/05/03 and 27/06/03. A total of 203 features were revealed and excavated.

A major mixed use business park at the boundaries of Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire

Latest News

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October 2008
Lack of suitable and affordable industrial premises in the Cambridge area is encouraging more and more companies to consider Haverhill says Jeffersons Commercial, which is seeing an increase in business from the area.
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October 2008
Haverhill Business Park has strengthened its team of agents with the appointment of local and national experts.
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Car Share

Car Share Scheme


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